DaCrema Botanicals Points for Purchases Program Guidelines

1. Sign up for an account on our website: https://dacremabotanicals.com/my-account/.
2. Each purchase qualifies for points as follows:

(a). 1 point for every $10 spent for products from our on-line store.
(b). Points will round down to the nearest multiple of 10, i.e. $10 through $19 will be awarded 1 point. $20 through $29 will be awarded 2 points.

3. Once 25 points or more have been accrued, they may be redeemed for purchases at check-out. Each point is worth $1.
4. Points may be redeemed in combination with coupon code discounts.
5. Shipping costs are not included in point totals.
6. Point totals can be checked under the account page.

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