CBD Salt Scrub (8 oz.) 200mg


Our newest product purifies as it beautifies

DaCrema Botanicals is proud to announce the first therapeutic salt scrub. We combine our proprietary essential oil blend with jojoba and MCT oils, Himalayan pink salt, Hawaiian black salt and full spectrum hemp oil. The salts exfoliate and draw toxins out of the pores while the oils moisturize and reinvigorate the skin. The essential oils activate transport channels driving cannabinoids deep into tissue. This scrub is a powerful healing experience.

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CBD Salt Scrub

DaCrema Botanicals CBD Salt Scrub 8 ounce jar contains 200 mg of full spectrum hemp oil. All natural ingredients include a proprietary blend of essential oils, plus Himalayan pink salt, Hawaiian black salt with activated charcoal, jojoba oil, MCT oil and full spectrum hemp oil. The Himalayan pink salt helps to draw toxins out of the pores, while the essential oils moisturize the skin and drive cannabinoids deep into the tissues for healing and relief. Use the salt scrub on targeted areas needing pain relief, or all over the body for an at-home spa experience.

To Use: Scoop an appropriate amount out of the jar and apply to damp skin. Gently massage in a circular motion, first targeting the painful areas then working through the rest of your body as needed. After 1-2 minutes rinse thoroughly and pat dry. For external use only. Avoid delicate skin, sunburns or cuts.

DaCrema Botanicals CBD Products are:

-Free of pesticides and contaminants
-Produced from organically grown hemp and made in the USA
-CO2 extracted without solvents
-Lab tested
-Contain full plant spectrum cannabinoids

Enjoy this scrub with some of our other popular healing products when you buy a CBD combo pack.

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