DaCrema Botanicals CBD Product Lab Tests

DaCrema Botanicals has our CBD products tested for potency by a highly regarded and trusted third party lab so you may have confidence in the quality of our CBD product line. These lab results ensure the accuracy of cannabinoid levels and the absence of THC. Adhering to these high standards has allowed us to produce the highest quality CBD products in the industry.

The following results are for our CBD Sublingual Drops and CBD Salve. Click on the product to view the full lab results.

Dacrema Botanicals Accredited CBD Product Lab Tests

Dacrema Botanicals CBD Product Lab Tests Results

CBD Product Lab Tests: What we Test for

Potency: Potency testing ensures the milligram (mg) label on each of our products is accurate.

Enjoy 100% satisfaction in being assured that we stand behind what is stated on the label of each DaCrema Botanicals CBD hemp oil products. In addition, we only use full-spectrum CBD from distillate, CO2 extracted, and totally free of pesticides, solvents and heavy metals.

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