CBD Hemp Oil Dosing & Uses

14 Day Cannabinoid – Dosing Titration Schedule

If improvement in symptoms is not seen during this initial trial therapy, treatment should be stopped.
2 drops = 4mg

Day Number of miligrams in the morning
(between waking and midday)
Number of miligrams in the evening
(between 4pm and bedtime)
Total miligrams per day
1 0 drops 2 drops – 4mg 2 drops – 4mg
2 0 drops 2 drops – 4mg 2 drops – 4mg
3 0 drops 3 drops – 6mg 3 drops – 6mg
4 1 drops 2mg 3 drops – 6mg 4 drops – 8mg
5 2 drops – 4mg 3 drops – 6mg 5 drops – 10mg
6 3 drops – 6mg 3 drops – 6 mg 6 drops – 12mg
7 3 drops – 6mg 4 drops – 8mg 7 drops – 14mg
8 4 drops – 8mg 4 drops – 8mg 8 drops – 16mg
9 4 drops – 8mg 5 drops – 10mg 9 drops – 18mg
10 5 drops – 10mg 5 drops – 10mg 10 drops – 20mg
11 5 drops – 10mg 6 drops – 12mg 11 drops – 22mg
12 6 drops – 12mg 6 drops – 12mg 12 drops – 24mg
13 6 drops – 12 mg 7 drops – 14mg 13 drops – 26mg
14 7 drops – 14mg 7 drops – 14mg 14 drops – 28mg

CBD Hemp Oil – 15 Frequently Asked Questions

Our CBD hemp oil is derived from of the hemp, which is legal in all 50 states. The CBD hemp oil is used as a food supplement and many people benefit from it’s therapeutic properties. Because there are many questions about CBD oil & hemp oil, we have put together the most frequently asked questions. If you want to buy full spectrum hemp CBD oil, read on.

Is Hemp Oil Legal?
Yes, hemp oil is legal, is not a schedule I drug, and cannot be regulated by the DEA based on 2004 9th Circuit Court ruling.
Will I fail a drug test?
No, our products do no contain THC. Testing for THC metabolites will give a negative result since there is no THC in our oils and therefore our products.
Do your oils contain solvents or contaminants?
No. We buy only premium oils that are Co2 extracted without the use of harmful solvents. The oils are then processed to remove any contaminants that the hemp plant may have pulled up from the soil.
Are there other cannabinoids present?
Yes, we have full spectrum of cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN that work together in unison to provide added relief.
What dosage do I take?
Dosing will vary greatly by the individual and by the condition being treated. Some will get relief with 10mg, while others will need 25mg. Like any botanical, you need to test it to find your individual dose. With the drops, start with 3 drops and then try 5, 7 and then go to 9. You will then find your individual dose based on your bodily response.
What is the topical salve good for
The salve really should be called “First Aid Salve” because it works well for so many things. It is good for aches and pain associated with arthritis/bursitis, chronic and neuropathic pain, burns (amazing), scrapes, wound healing, sunburn, bug bites, poison ivy, acne, psoriasis and dry skin.
How do I know I am getting the milligrams that are stated on the products?
Our oils are third party tested and a cannabinoid profile is supplied with each shipment or batch that we purchase. You can be sure that our products have the milligrams listed on the label.
Do you process your oils in Pennsylvania?
No, we do not process the oils in PA. In fact, we don’t process the oils at all. We buy from a national wholesale provider who does the processing.
There is conflicting and often confusing information on the internet about cannabinoids
Yes, there is indeed confusing info out there about the legality and the efficacy. Because of the patchwork of state legalization of recreational and medicinal, it adds to the confusion. Also, there are two species of the plant which need to be clarified. Industrial hemp and marijuana are both called Cannabis Sativa. This is very confusing because marijuana is high in THC, (which is illegal in most states) and hemp (which we source our oils from) is not. Some people are processing the oils from marijuana out of their garage which is illegal in most states. Education is key.

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