Hemp Healing CBD Sublingual Drops, Flavored 5ml bottle

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DaCrema Botanicals Hemp Healing drops are a superior product that is administrated under the tongue. Our unique formula delivers healing cannabinoids throughout the body and targets specific receptors associated with the central nervous system. DaCrema hemp healing drops enhance mood, relieve stress/anxiety and improve sleep.


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Hemp Healing CBD Sublingual Drops

Each Hemp Healing CBD Sublingual drop contains 3mg CBD

500mg Broad Spectrum hemp oil CBD per 5ml bottle

Hemp Healing Drops Ingredients: Organic Medium Chain Triglyceride Coconut Oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

DaCrema Botanicals Hemp Healing CBD Products are:

-Non-GMO, and free of pesticides and contaminants
-Produced from organically grown hemp and made in the United States
-CO2 extracted without solvents
-Lab tested
-Certified THC free

Shop our full line of Hemp Healing CBD Sublingual Drops to see all of our available size and potency options. DaCrema Botanicals also offers several Hemp Healing CBD Product Combo Packs which allows you to purchase several products in one affordable bundle.

11 reviews for Hemp Healing CBD Sublingual Drops, Flavored 5ml bottle

  1. faye mocarski (verified owner)

    I tried the product and just finished my first bottle.I have had Parkinson’s for ten years now. I am doing well with my
    Disease but suffer with anxiety a lot. And lately very stressful with my job of 33 years so I was looking for an alternative
    to the Ativan I use twice a day. Already I have seen a difference with the oil. I use it in the morning and night . And also using the salve on mf feet, they cramp up in the morning and its hard to walk. I am very happy I had heard about the oil thru my Dr.
    and thought it was a good alternative, Great product!!!

  2. Geri (verified owner)

    I have used the CBD drops for approx 2 months for generalized anxiety, that seems to increase at bedtime. 2-3 drops in the evening or at bedtime appears to be just enough to calm down my heart palpitations. Rather impressive. If I’m having a particularly difficult day, I may add 2-3 drops in the morning or afternoon.

  3. William Vandom (verified owner)

    Super excited about this product just received my first bottle today.

  4. Debra Bardani (verified owner)

    Just started using the product. Taste is pleasant. I’m hoping to prevent inflammation and looking forward to some of the other benefits. Top notch company & products

  5. Lori Costello (verified owner)

    I was pleased with the results. I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis for more than 30 years, & suffer from muscle spasms that are so painful I have to lay down on my back and pray. The drops helps immediately. I’m waiting for my order to come. I haven’t tried the other drops I bought yet.

  6. Lori Costello (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the products I’ve bought. I have purchased the CBD Drops 250mg ,6ml subliminal drops and the 500mg, 12ml , 3 times in the past few months. I can’t explain how well they work! It’s amazing & I am very grateful to have found a place that sells them. I am a Disabled Veteran who is homebound and in a lot of pain. I can’t use any illegal drugs because I go to the VA for my doctors etc.

  7. Lori Costello (verified owner)


  8. Lori Costello (verified owner)

    My rating is 5 stars or wonderful.

  9. Rose Marie (verified owner)

    I have been using CBD drops 250mg for over a year for anxiety and inflammation. It definitely works for my anxiety. I have been able to reduce my ulcerative colitis medicine. I am only taking one pill instead of three.
    A great company and excellent products.

  10. reneealter085 (verified owner)

    At first, I didn’t think it did anything. But by the end of the 2nd week, I began to notice a huge difference in my comfort level with reduced overall pain. I ordered a 2nd bottle to make sure I have more on hand and don’t run out!

  11. Sybil Schwartzbach (verified owner)

    I like the taste.

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