Hemp Healing CBD Sublingual Drops, Flavored 15ml bottle



DaCrema Botanicals CBD Sublingual Oils drops are a superior product that is administrated under the tongue. Our unique formula delivers healing cannabinoids throughout the body and targets specific receptors associated with the central nervous system. DaCrema CBD Sublingual Oils drops enhance mood, relieve stress/anxiety and improve sleep.


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Hemp Healing CBD Sublingual Drops

Each Hemp Healing CBD Sublingual drop contains 3mg of CBD

1500mg full spectrum hemp oil per bottle.

All natural ingredients: Organic Medium Chain Triglyceride Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Oil

DaCrema Botanicals Hemp Healing CBD Products are:

-Free of pesticides
-Free of contaminants
-Produced from organically grown hemp and made in the USA
-CO2 extracted without solvents
-Lab tested
-Contain full plant spectrum cannabinoids

If you’re a frequent buyer of our Hemp Healing CBD sublingual drops, check out our new Hemp Healing CBD Drops combo pack, which contains 2 of the 15ml bottles (flavored or unflavored) at a discounted rate.


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