Liposomal CBD Cream

The Next Generation in CBD Topicals

What are liposomes?

Liposomes are man-made vesicles designed to deliver biologically useful substances like drugs to tissue with greater efficacy. A Liposome is essentially a membrane filled with a watery mix, and shares many of the features of a living cell. Structurally a liposome is roughly the size and shape of a cell, and is bound by a membrane that is compatible with a living cell membrane. Further, a liposome can function like a cell, having the ability to interact chemically with a cell. Where a living cell membrane has two concentric layers of phospholipid building blocks called a phospholipid bilayer, a liposome may have one, two, or more layers.

The cell membrane is integral to all biological processes because it facilitates cell-to-cell communication, chemical interaction, and flow of materials into and out of the cell. This is because membranes have affinity with both water (hydrophilic) and oil (hydrophobic)—two substances that  normally “don’t mix”— at the same time. When a liposome interacts with a cell the contents of the liposome are able to move according the concentration gradient into the target cell. This means that liposomes can interact in ways that target certain cells and tissue types.

What is their importance?

Liposomes improve transdermal systems by acting as delivery vehicles for CBD. Importantly, a great advantage of the dual (hydrophobic/hydrophilic) nature of liposomes is their ability to drive higher concentrations of CBD and improve delivery efficiency. Because of their hydrophobic nature, liposomes are able to effectively penetrate the stratum corneum, a particularly water-tight barrier of the skin. And because of their hydrophilic nature liposomes absorb readily into the more aqueous layers of deeper tissue. The improvement in skin permeation, ability to drive higher concentrations and the ability to target tissue make liposomal transdermal delivery systems superior compared with conventional topicals.

Discover the DaCrema Difference

DaCrema Botanicals Liposomal CBD Cream is an elegant improvement in CBD topicals. Our formulation is specifically intended for cannabinoid delivery. Our Cream is non-toxic and non-immunogenic, non-sticky, and unscented. Containing 20mg CBD per gram, it is among the highest concentration topicals available. It is safe to use on the face and around the eyes. Our cream is non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free. Active ingredients include full-spectrum hemp extract (ND) and arnica. DaCrema has been an industry leader since 2014 and we invite you to try our new Liposomal CBD Cream: The Next Generation in CBD Topicals.

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