Coronavirus and CBD

Is CBD sufficient protection against viruses? Prevention is of course the most important strategy, but CBD has a positive effect on already sick patients and affects the course of the disease.

CBD appears to permanently reduce the susceptibility to all types of viral infections. Perhaps this is due to the improvement of the impermeability of the membranes and of the immune defense functions. All of this is based on 5 years of experience with patients.

If you are taking CBD and get infected, the disease is most often very short lived and mild.

An example is that of a parent of six school-aged children who have administered CBD to their children every day for several years. In fact, their children practically never get sick, despite constant contact with classmates and teammates. Of course, the same also applies to parents who use CBD and who have contact with not only children, but also workmates.

CBD has no known antiviral effect on coronavirus, as this is a new type of virus where humans lack the specific immune response and CBD therapy has not yet been fully studied.  We do know, however, that CBD reduces the inflammatory response to bacterial and viral infections.

Studies show that CBD protects against sepsis (sepsis = the body’s overall response to infection), the most serious manifestation of bacterial infection. CBD has a specific effect on immune cells to reduce the number and reactive nature of these cells and their inflammatory cytokine hormones.

Doctor Philip Blair, MD, specialist in hemp-derived CBD offers the following recommendation:

“I recommend taking sublingual CBD drops in the range of 15-30 mg of CBD oil per day. If the disease occurs, increase the CBD dose every 4 hours, and reduce the dose after the symptoms have disappeared. With many viral diseases, the symptoms of fatigue can persist for many weeks. This is probably a residual inflammatory process for which CBD can be preventive. I also recommend the vaporization of CBD, which serves as an effective way of defending the respiratory system.”

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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