COVID-19 Prevention

As a nation, are beginning to move past Lock-Down, beyond the color-coded phases of re-opening our economy, and into a new, different kind of uncertainty. Doubts mount about claims of a vaccine “months away”, as 34 of 50 states are seeing a surge in COVID-19.  Claims of “anyone who wants a test can get one” and “armies of contact-tracers” were well-intended. Therapeutics, we were told, are already a done deal. Except, in reality, they weren’t. Maybe someday we’ll have a vaccine, maybe we won’t. Maybe someday we’ll have therapeutics, maybe we won’t. Now is the time to take control of the factors that you can to protect yourself from COVID-19.

CBD therapy holds promise regarding both the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. There are two main reasons to use DaCrema Botanicals Hemp Healing CBD Sublingual drops: 1) to address central nervous system (CNS) issues directly and immediately such as sleep disorder, anxiety, stress; and 2) to relieve systemic inflammation slowly and consistently over time. Both of these functions suggest CBD drops may be an effective prophylactic against COVID-19. More research needs to be conducted in this area but let’s review what we do know.

Preliminary pathology reports from Europe consistently site inflammation as a consistent COVID-19 morbidity factor. Primarily, inflammation attacks the lungs and the blood vessels, leading to pneumonia, blood clots, strokes, mini-strokes, cardiac infarctions and other lethal cardiovascular events. The inflammatory response elicited by the virus is not well understood but is postulated to be part of our natural immune response. It is a well-accepted fact that CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory agent within the lungs and vascular system. Second, COVID attacks the CNS in ways not well understood. A common early-onset symptom is loss of taste and smell. Patients often report other CNS effects such as balance and equilibrium dysfunction as well as shooting pain and tingling sensations. Sublingual drops have the advantage of being designed to target the CNS, and CBD has known neuroprotective and neurogenerative properties, helping to regenerate and repair the neuroglia.

CBD is known to have anti-viral properties. Not only can CBD prevent the onset of viral infection but can also shorten the duration of viral infection. The effects of CBD specifically on COVID-19 are not well researched as of today. CBD is also an immunomodulator, helping to regulate and normalize the immune system for optimum functionality and minimal autoimmune disorder.

As we navigate through the new normal, through the re-opened economy and through the mixed messages, it is critical that we control the factors that we can. So please, open economy or not, respect social distancing, avoid large gatherings, wash hands frequently, and cover your face when in public.

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